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Why you should replace your old grass with new sod

There's nothing more gratifying to a homeowner than having a beautiful and well-manicured lawn. A lush, thick carpet of grass certainly adds to your home's curb appeal and will undoubtedly make the yard more enjoyable to the whole family. It's natural for your grass to be a source of frustration when it begins to die, thin out, or become yellow in certain parts of your lawn. There are a few options for improving the appearance of a lawn, and sod installation in Ottawa may be one of them.

When Should You Replace Your Lawn With New Sod?

Here are some circumstances in which you should replace your old grass with fresh sod:

When weeds infiltrate your old grass

Weed-infested lawns are visually unappealing. Moreover, weed control in Ottawa can be hard—regardless of the grade of week killer you use. In this situation, you need to change your weed-filled lawn for new sod. You must eliminate every single weed before laying your new sod; otherwise, it becomes a vicious cycle.

When the health of your soil deteriorates

Soil health determines how well the grass will thrive. When your soil lacks nutrients, you must replenish it with appropriate nutrients before installing new sod.

When your bare patches cover your lawn

Irreversible bare spots can develop on your lawn because of:

• depleted soil

• pest infestation; and

• repeated walking over the lawn.

If your lawn has patches you cannot fill by reseeding, consistent watering, or applying fertilizer, you should replace the old grass with new sod.

When you want to change the variety of your grass

Sometimes you may find that the grass planted on your property does not thrive well under the local climate conditions. Nonetheless, you may prefer changing the variety of your grass—not necessarily because it fails to thrive. Installing sod is an excellent way to modify your grass variety.

Questions You Should Ask When Shopping For New Sod

When considering installing sod on your property, always be meticulous.

Here are some questions you can ask when shopping for new sod:

Where Can I Get My Sod In Ottawa?

When shopping for new sod for your property, you should get sod that will take hold and thrive to beautify your property. When it comes to sod, you get more when you pay more; you do not want to install cheap, low-quality sod on your property. You want to ensure that the sod you are purchasing has not been sitting in storage but rather that it has been freshly cut and is ready to thrive in your yard.

How Do I Know What Is the Best Sod For My Property?

Choosing sod that matches your property conditions will ensure it thrives well and looks great on your property. Ask your sod installer to help you determine which sod variety suits your local needs. For example, it matters whether your property is sunny or shady, is subject to excessive foot traffic, or has an irrigation system. Consider your property conditions when shopping for sod. Your sod installer can help you find what works best for you.

What are Ottawa Sod-Installation Best Practices?

In Ottawa, best practices guarantee successful sod installation.

Your installer must follow pre- and post-sod installation steps, namely:

• using the appropriate weed killer to eliminate weeds and existing grass to the last trace before laying new sod (if the installer skips this step, weeds will infiltrate your new sod);

• identifying all irrigation heads;

• cutting and tearing out the old sod;

• performing site levelling to ensure your sod is flat once laid;

• delivering and installing freshly-cut sod (pricing can help you determine whether you are buying farm-fresh sod or sod that has been sitting in storage);

• confirming the condition of all irrigation heads to ensure they function well to keep your new lawn sufficiently watered (appropriate irrigation head and timer adjustments are necessary to ensure all your installed sod receives water when it needs it); and

• providing a detailed sod-care guide so that you can properly maintain your lawn as you enjoy its lush beauty (such instructions include the right amounts of water to use for irrigation to avoid droughts and weed invasions).

At SOD Boys, we offer our clients detailed care information, including the proper water frequency, the suitable irrigation heads to use, and how long to use them for.

Whom Should I Trust With My New Sod Installation in Ottawa?

SOD Boys is a sod-expert company whose services include walking clients through their property-preparation procedures and delivering and installing sod on-site. At SOD Boys, we cut your sod on the day of delivery to ensure it is fresh and healthy for a successful transition to your yard.

If you are an Ottawa resident considering installing new sod, let SOD Boys handle your entire project, from landscape design to laying irrigation systems to installing the sod that will transform your property into the envy of your neighbourhood.

Ready to transform your yard with our quality sod and expertise? Contact SOD Boys today for a free estimate.

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