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How Does New Sod Installation Work?

Sod installation has been popular for years. It has a completely grown root system and is very easy to maintain, making it preferable to seeding since it is time-consuming and often unpredictable.

Sod is usually grown on specialized farms under professional supervision and is delivered to you in a package for a quick installation.

Compared to sod installation, the seeding process:

  • involves less cost upfront but requires a lot of work and expenses to maintain growth.

  • the chances of all seeds growing evenly are low due to imperfect growth conditions.

Many now choose sodding instead of seeding since with sod, you have a new lawn to enjoy almost immediately, skipping the cultivation period. The best time to install sod is ideally between April and early November, depending on weather conditions. 

When it comes to sod installation, Sod Boys is one of the best hands in the business.

From advice about timing to laying sod, Sod Boys can perform an expert job of sodding your lawn. 

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