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Our Sod Installation Process


Soil sampling & Consultation

The first step begins with a conversation about what your needs are. From here we schedule a site visit, where we'll then take measurements of your lawn, and take soil samples. We tailor a specific lawn solution based off our report, and send you a quote. 


2 Lawn Stripping

We remove the surface layer of vegetation on your lawn. The tools we use depends upon your lawns overall accessibility.

3 Soil Removal

We remove the undesirable soil down to the agreed upon depth. The depth generally ranges between 2-4 inches. We will haul the materials to our dumpsite.

4 Fresh Soil 

We add our special, high quality, lawn grade soil that has been mixed with optimal amounts of bio-matter. The soil is correctly selected and matched to your lawn's specific needs. We generally add between 2-6 inches of fresh soil.

5 Grading & Raking

We level off the lawn to the agreed upon specifications. We will fill in any ruts, holes or gaps which may be present in your lawn. We do a preliminary hand-till in order to allow the freshly laid sod to more easily root itself into your new and improved lawn.




We install the sod and/or apply any seed to your lawn. We carefully fit the sod so that it will look as seamless as possible. We then use a sod roller to remove any air bubbles that may have formed and tighten the sod to the ground.


Lawn Upkeep Schedule

We walk you through the next steps to so that you can maintain your lawn's health. With the information and advice we give you, you'll be able to enjoy your beautiful lawn for years to come!

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