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Irrigation Systems Ottawa

An irrigation system will help you create the landscape you’ve always wanted by making sure your plants get the water they need, just when they need it.


The Sod Boys provide high-quality irrigation systems throughout the Ottawa area. We make lawn irrigation installation simple, tailoring every system to meet the needs and watering requirements of the property.

Benefits of an Irrigation System for Your Lawn in Ottawa

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Helps you save money by lowering your water bills

  • Increases the value of your home

  • Keeps your lawn healthy, vibrant, and beautiful

  • Convenient and saves you the time and trouble of watering by hand

  • Reduces weeds, fungi, and plant diseases

  • Can be scheduled to water your property at the ideal time of day

  • Gives the flexibility to water while you’re out of town


Our Installation Process

1. Property Evaluation:

    Our installation team assesses your property to prepare for your sprinkler system.

2. Customized Design:

    We create an effective sprinkler layout tailored to your property’s needs.

3. Expert Installation:

    Our team of installers set up your lawn sprinkler system.

4. Proactive Maintenance:

    We inspect your system for any issues and ensure everything is functioning properly.


To make your lawn care routine even easier, we also offer Wi-Fi enabled irrigation controllers that provide more remote management capabilities and automation. Your watering schedules will automatically be adjusted based on forecast temperatures, daily rainfall probability in your area, and other environmental factors to maximize water savings and streamline your lawn care.


We Offer Exceptional Irrigation Systems in Ottawa


When it comes to finding the perfect balance of water and nutrients for your lawn, The Sod Boys have the solution for you! Our experts will evaluate your property and take into consideration important factors like climate, slopes, and sun exposure. Ready to save time and money on your lawn? Stop waiting any longer: call today before we're booked up so that they can take a look at what's going in your yard right now.


If you are looking for professional irrigation installation in Ottawa for your lawn, be sure to get in touch with us by calling (613) 821-2777.

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