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Grass Seeding Ottawa

Creating a good lawn can be one of the most challenging gardening projects. The right soil, drainage and seed selection are all important for starting out on the path to success.

House- Sod Installed
Sod- Being Installed

The first step in creating an awesome lawn is getting your ground ready with perfect topsoil - these days you're more likely to find this at garden centers than anywhere else so it's easy enough to pick up if you know what size bag or truckload will work best for your yard. Drainage should never be overlooked: get down into where water pools near sidewalks after rainstorms and look around; ideally there shouldn't be any pooling spots that aren't easily visible from dry land since they'll become hazardous puddles when wet! 


Why Overseed?

There are many reasons for overseeding:


  • Revives a worn and thin lawn

  • Fill in bare spots

  • Crowds out seed by thickening lawn

  • Improve heat and drought tolerance

  • Strengthen your lawn to help it tolerate heavy usage


Our Services:

Overseeding and Grass Seeding in Ottawa

It's time to make your lawn healthy again! We have a variety of services for you, including over-seeding and lightly topdressing. You'll receive one application of fertilizer when using our Over-Seeding service. The highest quality seeds will be used in addition to organic soil which can help provide the lush green look that you're looking for this year. Contact us today so we can schedule an appointment with you!


Overseeding Can Improve Your Lawn

Your lawn will continue to improve with age if you follow these simple rules:


  • Keep weeds out of the way by using weed control products or manually removing them from time to time. 

  • Always fertilize and water at least 3 times per year, following instructions on package labels carefully for proper dosage amounts and timing intervals between applications. 

  • When cutting grass short during spring or fall seasons only use sharp blades because they'll cut more cleanly than dull ones will which can damage roots that may be weak due to drought conditions impact on soil chemistry while also encouraging weed growth with clippings left behind after mowing.

  • When your lawn is compacted, you can loosen it up with an aerating roller. Loosen the soil and then top-dress or reseed to give a fresh new look.

Get an Estimate Today For Grass Seeding in Ottawa

We follow up on requests during business hours, usually within an hour or two. There is no cost and no obligation - we'd be happy to hear from you, and happy to help.
Call us at (613) 821-2777 for overseeding and grass seeding in Ottawa.

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