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Sod Installation in Ottawa

Sod installation by our expert team. Ottawa’s first choice for full and partial installation of new lawns.

house after sod installation
Sod ready for sod installation
sod installation process
ottawa sod installation process

Sod installation is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to get a new lawn. Whether you need just enough rolls for a small patch, weed infestations that are too much to handle on your own or grading issues with soil deficiencies that can't be fixed by yourself - our team will take care of all these needs at reasonable prices!

Your New Lawn
Our team of lawn care experts tackles hundreds of new installations for clients in the Ottawa area, both simple jobs and complex ones involving aggressive perennial weeds or substandard soil conditions.

Experienced Team
Our team of experienced, honest sod installers is never too busy to help you with your lawn.

One-Day Sod Installation in Ottawa
Sod is a popular way to give your lawn that lush, natural look. We can start and finish sod installations on the same day so you don't have to wait for weeks or months before it's ready!

Weed Control
With the help of our friendly technicians, you will never have to worry about pesky plants like creeping charlie or violets taking over your lawn again!

Premium Sod in Ottawa
We know that your yard is a reflection of who you are. That's why we won't cut corners with it, and offer only the best no matter how small or large the job may be! Whether you need fresh-cut sod grown locally just for you because yours was destroyed in some way by mother nature - don't worry, we got this covered too!

Our Process of Sod Installation in Ottawa

  1. Soil sampling & Consultation

  2. Lawn Stripping

  3. Soil Removal

  4. Fresh Soil

  5. Grading & Raking

  6. Sod Installation

  7. Lawn Upkeep Schedule

If you want to learn more about Sod, read our F.A.Q about Sod in Ottawa.

Get an Estimate for Sod Installation in Ottawa Today

We follow up on requests during business hours, usually within an hour or two. There is no cost and no obligation - we'd be happy to hear from you, and happy to help.
Call us at (613) 821-2777.

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