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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Sod in Ottawa

Every homeowner wants their property to have the most outstanding landscape with the lushest grass in the neighbourhood. To achieve this desire, homeowners can choose from two landscaping options. One is using grass seeding, and the other is sod installation in Ottawa. The option you choose as a homeowner will depend on several factors, including:

  • the size of your property;

  • your budget;

  • the time you can devote to the work involved.

This article describes sod and highlights some advantages and disadvantages of using this landscaping option.

What Is Sod and Where Is It Used?

Sod, also known as turf grass, is grown grass interwoven by a root system or bound together in a thin layer of a degradable material.

People use sod for landscaping and optimizing the look of a lawn for:

  • homes;

  • schools;

  • businesses;

  • golf courses and other recreational properties.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal in residential and commercial landscaping, sod also has the following benefits:

  • It improves drainage, thereby helping reduce the incidence of flooding.

  • It hinders soil erosion, especially on new construction sites and sloping surfaces.

  • It improves air and water quality.

Advantages of Sod

  • Freshly-laid sod provides an instant grass carpet.

  • Once installed, the sod requires only moderate watering and routine lawn care.

  • It does not wash away after installation.

  • Sod installation is possible as long as the ground remains unfrozen.

  • Sod is durable and does not dry easily if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Disadvantages of Sod

  • It is labour-intensive due to the level of preparation required prior to installation.

  • It requires a professional to install.

  • It may not be very easy to install over large areas.

  • When sections of sod fail to thrive, it is necessary to replace them to maintain a consistent look across the surface.

Sod Boys offers the best sod installation in Ottawa.

If you are considering having a lush grass carpet for your business or home but are unsure which option suits you best, contact the professionals at SOD Boys. Our skilled crew at SOD Boys will help you achieve your desired landscape design by working with you from soil preparation all the way to sod installation and maintenance. Our expertise and high quality products guarantee you maximum satisfaction with your investment.

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