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Dispelling Misconceptions about Laying Sod

If you have a lawn, it is one of the first things people will notice when visiting your home. A green, fresh, healthy lawn beautifies your home in a way that even breathtaking architecture cannot. Moreover, a green, new, well-kept lawn can be a source of pride.

Green grass is the most critical aspect of a well-maintained lawn, and sod installation in Ottawa makes green grass possible. Think of sod as a living, green-grass carpet.

People consider laying fresh, healthy sod if:

• their existing lawn is old and ugly;

• weeds have overtaken their lawn; and

• their yard has bare spots.

The process is relatively easy—regardless of your reason for laying new sod. However, because of certain misconceptions about laying sod, many homeowners make mistakes that create short-term and long-term problems with their new installation.

This article provides facts to dispel misconceptions homeowners may have about laying sod.

Common misconceptions about laying sod.

You can keep sod after obtaining it and while you prepare the soil.

Storing sod, even in a cool place such as a garage, may cause it to deteriorate quickly due to a lack of nutrients and sunlight. Furthermore, because soil preparation in anticipation of new sod can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, you should do it before obtaining your sod.

Soil preparation for laying new sod involves:

• removing rocks and debris;

• tilling and rolling; and

• testing the soil pH and making necessary adjustments using a proper additive

Because soil preparation takes time, you should prepare your lawn as well. Lawn preparation enables you to lay your sod immediately after obtaining it to prevent deterioration.

Brown-sod seams are lifeless and cannot be restored.

Brown-sod seams may appear lifeless, but they are not. You can always reverse this discolouration once you discover the cause. Seam browning may result from:

• overlapping or overstretching the sod;

• under-watering the sod;

• improperly preparing the soil; and

• adding fertilizer 30-60 days after planting.

Homeowners should therefore take great pains to avoid committing these mistakes when joining seams. Sod seams dry relatively quickly, so browning most often results from under-watering. You can prevent browning and keep your sod vibrant by watering it more often at the seams.

Laying sod flush with pavements depends only on soil thickness.

To ensure good drainage after sod installation, you should lay your sod flush with your pavement, driveway, and patios. In addition to considering the soil thickness, consider the sod thickness. When preparing the soil to lay your sod, contact your sod supplier and inquire about the thickness of the sod they plan to deliver. Unfortunately, most homeowners add too much or too little soil during the preparation process because they neglect to consider the thickness of the sod they plan to lay.

It is essential to consider sod thickness when preparing the soil. Sod thickness ranges from 2.5 to 7.6 cm (one to three inches). For example, installing sod that is 0.75 inches (1.9 cm) thick would require you to prepare ground about 0.75 inches below the pavement surface.

You should lay your sod on loose soil rather than on compact ground.

Once planted, many types of plants require loose soil rather than compact soil so that their roots can thrive because, unlike loose soil, compacted soil:

• has poor aeration and may not provide the ideal air conditions that some plant roots need to succeed; and

• allows minimal water absorption, thereby hindering the growth of deep root systems.

After tilling, lightly compact your loose soil with a roller before laying sod on it. This action prevents the occurrence of lumps and bumps that accumulate during the natural compaction of the soil.

Contact SOD Boys for sod installation in Ottawa.

With healthy and vibrant sod you will certainly have the most beautiful lawn, and Sod Boys can help you achieve that. We provide reliable sod-laying services for clients throughout the Ottawa area. The Sod Boys will always address your sod concerns. Contact us at 613-821-2777 for an estimate and a property visit.

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